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About Me

My name is Karen D. Muska (hence the KDM in KDM Photography). I was born and raised in the Chicago metro area but I have lived in the in the Bay Area of California (East Bay) since the beginning of 2006. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years and I am currently an Educational Technology Specialist in a school district in the south Bay.

Education has been my official profession, but photography has been my hobby and obsession. Over the past several years I have grown from taking casual snapshots to learning much more about the art and the techniques of capturing what I see and envision.

People often ask, “What type of photographer are you?” Or, “What type of photography do you do?” Do you enjoy taking macro images? Do you shoot landscapes? Cityscapes? How about nature and wildlife? Birding? Have you done any portraits? What about action shots or sports?

Yes, yes, and yes. I enjoy macro photography and discovering the intricate details that are often not apparent to the naked eye, such as the grains of pollen on the anther of a flower or highlighting the natural patterns and symmetry on the shell of a snail or the tentacles of an anemone. But I also love the crashing waves and rock formations along the coast, fields of wildflowers, stars on moonless nights, and city skylines that can all make for dramatic landscapes. Trying to capture hummingbirds at the orange blossoms, goldfinches splashing in our backyard fountain, and pelicans diving for fish are fascinating bird and action subjects. The kids and dogs sit for portrait sessions or become subjects of sports and action shots. (Yes, Frisbee is a serious sport to my border collie.) Trips to exotic locations present a whole range of exciting photographic opportunities including using long telephoto lenses to get shots of Capuchin and Howler monkeys, toucans and caimans; wide-angle waterfall and volcano landscapes; and macros of flowers and butterflies.

Maybe someday I’ll focus on a single genre or develop a signature style … but, I kind of hope not. I’m having too much fun experiencing life and trying to see things in a new way. Why limit myself or try to fit into a neat category? I’d rather keep that sense of wonder and experimentation and be open to new adventures.


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